Power Supply Tester for Computer Digital

  • This power supply tester is the ultimate tool for all computer repair people. It comes with an 8-in-1 ATX power supply tester that outputs the voltage levels of your connectors to a 1.8 inch screen that is built into the device!You can accurately detect problems with power supplies and prevent damage to your motherboard. Will test 20, 24pin, 4-pin power, SATA, Floppy Power, PCI-e, 4-pin, ATX12V, and 8-pin connectors.
  • Aluminum alloy material。ATX POWER Power Tester (LED screen Blu-ray version).ATX POWER dedicated power supply tester POWER * let you know whether the supply is normal! ! !Desktops | Servers POWER TESTER power tester fully supports ATX BTX ITX power supply.POWER tester plug as long as the POWER!The POWER connector plugged into the power of this group tester POWER you can know immediately if there is a problem! ! !
  • This is new power supplies go, this tester is up to the task because it can test 8 pin cpu, pci express, and sata. Features:Voltage Source 20/24 pin connector. 1.8 Inch Screen.Screen tells you outputted voltages for your .connectors.Features:Voltage Source 20/24 pin connector. 1.8 Inch Screen.Screen tells you outputted voltages for your .connectors.
  • Fault alarm, test interfaces are available, compact and handsome appearance, test functions and so on. Rapid detection of PC power is the best choice. It is your most reliable helper. More and more number of groups, not just the way in which problems, computer system hardware may work even burn related accessories. Measure the output voltage of the power supply output is stable, usually players will use a multimeter, but for the average user or trouble spots.
  • This power supply tester need only plug in the power of the ATX connector can be simple and intuitive to know the power and the brightest of the output is normal. Star power supply tester is a robust power supply test equipment that can detect ATX, BTX, ITX, TFX computer power, and the ability of each group LCD voltage and PG value of computer power to facilitate rapid detection instrument.

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Power Supply Tester Digital

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